Positioning Yourself for Success

I recently completed a loan interview with a couple desiring to purchase a home, however, they did not know how to prepare to be qualified borrowers.  This made me realize how postioning ourselves now will result in reaching our goals and being successful.

The homebuyers wanted to position themselves now to be able to successfully purchase a home.  How can this be accomplished?  I suggested setting up short term goals such having consistent income and employment history, paying their credit cards down, and paying off any loans as well as preparing for a down payment by saving money and not taking unnecessary deductions.

Although this may take time and work, the couple will have a plan and a goal which will enable themselves to position themselves for success.

By the way, this is my second blog and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ed Smith and I am currently a mortgage broker (NMLS 327781) at Solid Rock Home Loans, in Honolulu, HI (NMLS 327781).  I have been in the mortgage business for approximately 20 years and hope my blogs help you in the ever changing world of mortgage lending.



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