Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Each year the market changes and this year will be no exception.  I have already experienced a slight increase in interest rates (expected to continue through 2018), buyers being more cautious to enter the real estate market (one reason being the increase in home prices), and a larger share of cash out refinancing to consolidate debt.   However, we have the loan programs to overcome and help your buyer(s) with many loan options plus very good interest rates plus very good service.

Solid Rock Home Loans is an experienced mortgage broker company with a proven track record in Hawaii.  You have the distinction of being able to access a menu of loan programs with good interest rates and be confident we will close your loan on time.  

Solid Rock Home Loans provides the following loan programs:

-Conventional, all products.  High Balance, 3% down payment

-Portfolio, condotel, Jumbo, unwarrantable condos, land

-FHA, includes Hawaiian Home Lands

-VA, 100% financing, borrowers closing can be paid for.

-USDA, 100% financing, borrowers closing cost can be paid for.

-MCC for Conventional, VA and USDA loan products.

-HELOCS (fixed rate or ARMs)

If you have any questions or need help with a potential buyer being pre-qualified please feel free to contact me at ed@urockloans.com or (808) 627-5391.

Ed Smith

Sr. Loan Officer

Solid Rock Home Loans, Inc