Why Buy in Hawaii?

The uniqueness of Hawaii positions it as a desirable location for real estate investment.

  • Hawai'i is paradise- beautiful weather, diverse cultures, and sandy beaches attract people from all over the world, with tourism being Hawaii's #1 industry

  • Geographic location- As an island, Hawaii had a limited amount of land to build residential homes




Owning real estate in Hawaii builds wealth

  • For single family homes, there is a cumulative median sales price increase of 249% averaging ~15% per year from 2000-2016. For condominiums, median sales price was 312% averaging ~18% per year from 2000-2016.

  • Housing costs are fixed- monthly mortgage payment does not change except for insurance and taxes for primary residents. Speak to your CPA for more information.

  • Homeowners pay less taxes- the mortgage interest on your home can be used as a tax deduction

Owning a home gives you more opportunities

  • You can decorate or expand a house the way you want to create your dream home

  • Home ownership allows for a safe community with superior schools and friendly neighbors


turtle in hawaii

A home is an investment vehicle

  • Your home can help you plan for retirement

  • As your home equity (the difference between market value and mortgage balance) grows, it provides options to invest in real estate, use for retirement purposes, or become a paid-in-full homeowner.